2019 Annual report

Ranch tours here, artificial intelligence there, and building beef demand everywhere in 2019.

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2018 annual report

In 2018, MBC focused on youth education, food service partnerships and more.

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2017 annual report

Montana Beef Quality Assurance, influencer tours, beef in a heart healthy lifestyle and more in 2017.

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Montana Beef Council impacts...

In one year, Montana Beef Council:

  • Reached 6,230 Montana high school and junior high students with beef cooking and educational demonstrations.
  • Sent 85 beef-loving athletes out to races all over to promote beef and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reached 196,000 Bobcat and Griz fans each week with a beefy tailgate tip on Facebook.
  • Beefed up 165 meat case displays in grocery stores across the state to inspire beef purchases.T
  • rained 170 agriculture students for media interviews.
  • Brought 93,300 head of cattle into Montana Beef Quality Assurance care and best management practices.
  • And MUCH more!