MISSON: The Montana Beef Council is organized to enhance profit opportunities for Montana cattle and beef producers by increasing demand for beef and beef products.

The MBC Marketing Plan is created to define the objectives of MBC and outline its plan of work for the coming year. The plan serves as a roadmap, which will best utilize available dollars and limited staff to accomplish MBC's mission. The basic mission of the Marketing Plan is to increase consumer demand for beef, to generate positive attitudes about the beef industry and to keep the producers who pay the Checkoff informed about their investment.

Read the FY2024 MBC Marketing Plan

Each year, MBC produces an annual report that includes highlights from the year and the annual audited financials. Click below to learn more about our results over the last few years.

2023 Annual report

We're always powering projects with protein whether it's on the football field, at the fair, or in the classroom!


2022 Annual report

Ranch tours here, beefing up athletes there, and building beef demand everywhere in 2022.

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2021 annual report

Sizzling summer grilling forecasts, beef for babies, victory lane, finding local beef near you, and more!


Montana Beef Council impacts...

In one year, Montana Beef Council:

  • Reached 6,230 Montana high school and junior high students with beef cooking and educational demonstrations.
  • Sent 85 beef-loving athletes out to races all over to promote beef and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reached 196,000 Bobcat and Griz fans each week with a beefy tailgate tip on Facebook.
  • Beefed up 165 meat case displays in grocery stores across the state to inspire beef purchases.
  • Trained 170 agriculture students for media interviews.
  • Brought 93,300 head of cattle into Montana Beef Quality Assurance care and best management practices.
  • And MUCH more!