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Classroom Resources

Learn how you can incorporate beef into your classroom! From meat identification and hands-on cooking resources to learning about beef from pasture to plate these great, FREE resources are easily incorporated into various classroom settings.

Lesson plan ideas

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture have developed fantastic resources, lesson plans, and games perfect for introducing beef information.

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Try out the Built from Beef Activity! Participants will learn what protein is and about the essential nutrients provided by beef, along with the benefits of protein. They will discover that all proteins are not created equal and the importance of protein distribution throughout the day. 


activities for kids

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Coloring Pages, Word Search Sheets, Crossword Puzzles, Mazes and More!

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beef university

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Beef U is FREE and EASY to incorporate into your teaching with the simple goal of educating your students on where beef comes from and how it can be successfully utilized in the kitchen.

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masters of  beef advocacy

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Masters of Beef Advocacy is your go-to program for training and resources to be a strong advocate for the beef community. This free, self-guided online course provides farmers, ranchers, service providers, consumers, and all members of the beef community the tools and resources to become a beef advocate and answer tough questions about beef and raising cattle.

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