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Classroom Resources

Learn how you can incorporate beef into your classroom! From meat identification and hands-on cooking resources to learning about beef from pasture to plate these great, FREE resources are easily incorporated into various classroom settings.


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Coloring Pages, Word Searches, Fill-in-the-Blank, Crossword Puzzles, Mazes and More!

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Cooking Challenge Activity

Are you up for a challenge? Get ready for action with this fast-paced cooking challenge for students to use all their skills by assigning various roles from Cook or Nutritionist to Economist or Public Relations. Involve the community by bringing in "celebrity judges!" It's ready to launch on your own or contact MBC to have one of our team members help bring the activity to life in your classroom! Great for 7th through 12th graders!

rules & roles

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Recipes & Grocery List

Beef byproducts & sustainability activity

What are beef byproducts? Is cattle production sustainable? Tackle these issues with an interactive lesson to help students understand that cattle give us so much more than meat and help improve the environment. Great for Kindergarten through 5th graders!



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beef nutrients & recipe Activity

DIY Snacks + Math with a dash of Creativity make this quick activity a crowd pleaser for Kindergarten through 5th graders!


Built with beef activity

Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Try out the Built with Beef Activity! Participants will learn what protein is and about the essential nutrients provided by beef, along with the benefits of protein. They will discover that all proteins are not created equal and the importance of protein distribution throughout the day. 



Nutrition Info Table Signs

beef university

Beef U Logo

Beef U is FREE and EASY to incorporate into your teaching with the simple goal of educating your students on where beef comes from and how it can be successfully utilized in the kitchen.

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masters of  beef advocacy

Masters of Beef Advocacy Logo

Masters of Beef Advocacy is your go-to program for training and resources to be a strong advocate for the beef community. This free, self-guided online course provides farmers, ranchers, service providers, consumers, and all members of the beef community the tools and resources to become a beef advocate and answer tough questions about beef and raising cattle.

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Beef quality assurance training

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Online BQA certification training is fast and easy and can be completed according to your own personal schedule. Your certification is housed in the national database and is recognized across the country. Information on online BQA certification training is available through the national BQA website.

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My american farm

Free online games for grades K-5 teach children math, reading, science and social studies skills in the context of agriculture. Check out these BEEFY games!

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the purple plow

This STEM challenge platform for middle school and high school students offers a challenge and some parameters for students to work through the engineering design process to propose a solution.

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purple plow puzzlers

These short challenges called "Puzzlers" give students a small challenge to work on that will generally take a couple hours.

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feeding minds press

These accurate agriculture books are available for purchase but there are also FREE printable books for readers in grades 3-5. They can be read, or printed of either as a booklet or full page. (Great for younger ages too!)

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