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Cowboy in the kitchen cooking series

Join us as we learn all about beef from our favorite chefs and cowboys as they work their way through some tasty beef dishes!

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Cowboy in the kitchen

Join us for Cowboy in the Kitchen to beef up your cooking skills and have a little fun!

Determining Value

Do you know why the prime rib is such an important cut to cowboys?

How to Trim prime rib

Learn from Chef Andy and Cowboy Turk as they trim a Prime Rib and discuss more tips for your meal preparation!

Cutting prime rib- steaks & roasts

Now that the Prime Rib is properly trimmed, it is time to turn it into steaks and a roast. But how much do you need per person?

Seasoning prime rib

A dash of this, a touch of that and viola...the perfect roast and it is ready for the oven or smoker! What is your favorite spice blend?

carving prime rib

Roast, roast, rest! Now it is finally time to carve into the delicious Prime Rib roast! Horseradish or not, here it is!

Principles of Pairing

Learn the principles of pairing your favorite alcohol beverage with your favorite beef dish!

Steak & White Wine

The perfect filet mignon with a white wine sauce for a tangy and savory delight!

Braised Beef & Red Wine

This classic pairing is elevated comfort!

Beef & bourbon

Beef, Bourbon and Butter. How can you go wrong?! Check out this delicious dish!

Tequila Lime Flank Steak

Your favorite margarita becomes the tangy marinade for a juicy flank steak. These tacos are perfection!